Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Short Go

My 21 st birthday hit on rodeo weekend in our little college town.  It was a 3 day rodeo.  Two performances of long go and then a Short Go.  After the first performance was over, all the rodeo stock have been fed and put to bed…all the college kids headed out on the town!
I wish I could give more details but some have been lost in time.  I’m sure it was a great night, fun had by all.  When my fun card had been punched and it was time to go home.  A friend of my roommate, was ready to leave.  He was staying at our place so I gave him a ride home.  Well, a ride home turned into lets giggle and make-out all night. 
The next morning… I actually said to this nice young man….. “You were great for a Long Go, but today is the Short Go…and its time to move on to a different draw” 
Oh wow……yes, I really said it. I was young, fearless, and it was my 21 st birthday!  Bless his heart, this nice young man didn’t let it phase him and turned out to be one of my best friends throughout college and beyond.

Aww, this was only one of the bright spots in the 21st Birthday weekend bash......but that will be another story :) 
Rose Morgan 
Queen of the Road

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