Friday, March 18, 2011

I LOVE Bronc Riders!!!

I have a confession to make.....


Yes, it's true.  After years of being in the closet about the matter....I'm here to publicly admit that I LOVE Bronc Riders.  I guess I've always had a soft spot in my heart for them.  The heat, the passion, the charm, the romance...even if it is directed towards a salty bronc....I LOVE IT!!!!

Bronc Riders are what you'd all like to think of as the CLASSY rodeo event.  (Even if I have know my fair share that were just buck wild and couldn't be trusted where woman were concerned)  Don't get me wrong, I've had run ins with a few bareback riders, and sorted off a pickman or two but in the end the Broncs still hold my heart ;)

What do I love about them....

  •   LOVE when they stop to pick up a flank on their way back to the chutes after a ride
  •  Love to see behind the bucking chutes filled with bronc saddles!
  •  Love that most are handy!  In a pinch, they can fill in for a pickup man!
  •  Love to see to see Cadillac's & Mini Vans stuffed with Salty Bronc Riders & Piles of Saddles
  • Love to hear about the amazing Broncs they've matched up with and all the horses they hope to cross paths with in the future!
  • Love rodeo road trips and fun traveling partners!
  • Love a phone call just to find out about a Bronc Rein
  • Love Rodeo reports about how the Bronc Riding went!
  • Love to see a Bronc Rider charging to the front end of a beautiful bronc, beating her to the ground, and getting in perfect rhythm with her! 
  • Love when a Bronc Rider works with a Bronc to pick her up & drop her!  Oh so beautiful!
  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE every once in a blue moon when Bronc Rider & Horse come together in perfect harmony to create something bigger than themselves!  Perfect days for both man & horse, creating Bronc Riding MAGIC!  These are the rides that you never forget! (regardless of what the judges say)

Sharing all the secrets of my heart.
Thank You for stopping by to visit. 

Long Live Outlaw Broncs!
Rose Morgan ~ Queen of the Road

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